The journey from a side project to a WordPress agency [EN]

One can have many reasons to form a WordPress agency. At required+ we didn’t think about becoming an agency in the first place. Initially we teamed up to build an online platform that scratched an itch in all of us, we simply wanted to try and prove a point with the idea we had. All of a sudden we were running a thriving job board for the Swiss web industry and had a beautiful side project to work on. In order to keep our creative freedom and sovereignty, we didn’t want to take money from venture capitalists or investors. Therefore we came up with a concept to keep us going while allowing space for our individual lifestyles. We started to take on interesting client projects, this way we continued to build interesting sites & apps.

I would like to talk about our journey with – a job board for Swiss web professionals. The talk is intended to be a business talk. I’m going to share our experience in designing & building an online platform on top of WordPress. I’ll share some secrets and learning from running & maintaining it for about 5 years now. I will show you how we managed to balance client work and product work and how we focused on the features that really matter because of financial and time constraints.